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Some of Giana Schüpbach's work

Giana Schüpbach

Biography and portfolio

Portrait von Giana Schüpbach


From a young age, Giana was fascinated by makeup, and her enthusiasm for colors and shapes quickly evolved into a deep passion. She spent countless hours in her room, perfecting various makeup techniques. Over time, she turned this passion into a profession and now loves to see makeup as a form of art.


Giana completed her training as a makeup artist at the renowned Glauca Rossi School of Make-up in London. Afterward, she gained experience in the British capital by participating in various photo shoots, especially in the fashion sector. Upon her return to Switzerland, she honed her hairstyling skills at the Face Design School in Zurich.


Giana Schüpbach is fluent in German and English and works in makeup and hairstyling.

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