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Great new work of Julia and Laura for Zurich Airport

31. May 2024

Client: @zurichairport Agency: @jimjim_agency Head of Production: @andrinnicolas Producer: ac.liii Director: @biancastofer DOP (Video-Crew): @matthias_kappeler 1.AC / 2. Camera (Video-Crew): @gidon.wssnr Gaffer: Aurelio Ghirardelli Photographer: @patriklindenphotography Styling: @julia.jau...

Great new work of Letizia for IWC

29. April 2024

Client: IWC www.iwc.com Photographer: www.kaigrossmann.com & www.jonihedinger.ch Hair, Makeup & Styling: Letizia makeitup.ch Model: Ajsa www.scout-model.com ...

Great new work of Sarah for Mollerus

28. March 2024

Client: mollerus.com Assistant: www.instagram.com @farisvisuals Styling: @francesca_callegari mollerus.com Models: @laylaong @itsnaomym www.scout-model.com Makeup & Hair: Sarah makeitup.ch...

Great new work of Laura for Dilly Socks

31. January 2024

Credits: Client: dillysocks.com Photographer: silvangiger.com Hair & Makeup: Laura makeitup.ch Styling: Lise Teebeutel Mo...

Great work of our artist Kim for Golfyr

30. November 2023

Credits: Brand: golfyr.com Agency ddcom.ch Photographer: www.joanminder.com Styling: Kim makeitup.ch...

Welcome Giana Schüpbach

01. November 2023

Wir freuen uns euch unser neues Team Mitglied vorzustellen. Giana Schüpbach! Sie war bereits schon fleissig am arbeiten und wir freuen uns, euch ihre neue Arbeit zu zeigen. Fotograf: Ellin www.google.com...

Great new work of our artist Melani for Storiesfilms / Swisscom

31. August 2023

Credits: Client: www.swisscom.ch Production: www.stories.ch Director: Flurin Giger & Silvan Giger www.stories.ch DOP: Silvan Giger www.stories.ch Executive Producer: Florian Nussbaumer Line Producer: Debby Caplunik https://www.s...

Great new work of Fabienne Pauli & Melani Cetrangolo in Paris!

30. June 2023

Photographer: ellin.ch Hair: Melani makeitup.ch Makeup: Fabienne makeitup.ch Model: Debora For more check out our Insta www.instagram.com...

Great work of Claire

29. May 2023

Have we shown you this work off our artist Claire? if you want to see more - check our our Insta www.instagram.com Credits: Photography: @rafa_andhiscamera Visuals: @raba_art Styling: @juliaandromeo Hair and Makeup: @claireboutellier Models: @_lisang_ @angeline...

Great new work of Kim for the airport Zurich

27. April 2023

Credits: Fashion campaign for @zurichairport Agency: @jimjim_agency Styling, Hair & Makeup: @kimjoes Model: @rina.4ever @visagemodelszurich Store: @hallhuber Store: @bongeniegrieder Hair & Makeup: @makeupartist.manu & @kimjoes Models: @rina.4ever @visagemodelszurich @xxjamba @scoutmodel1@...