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New work of Laura

18. October 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Laura Model: Annina Frey...

Neue Arbeit von Julia für Ochsner Shoes

14. October 2021

Client: - Varese Campaign Photographer: www.joanmi...

Neue Arbeit von Jesca für Dosenbach back to school!

11. October 2021

Client: Production: Director: Yannis Petrone DP: Tim Holder AC: Sven Wedekind Photographer: Carlos Alberto Rosales Cordero ...

Neue Arbeit von Laura und Letizia

07. October 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Laura Styling: Letizia Setdesign: Laura Model: Nadine https://w...

New work of Fabienne for Prestige Magazine

04. October 2021

Magazine: Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Fabienne Hair & Makeup Assistant Daria Meienhofer Styling: Styling Assistant: Seraina Winkler Models: Amos H & Laura L https://w...

stay warm this fall - By Mimmi

30. September 2021

Fall is creeping up on us and all we want to do on those chilly Monday mornings is to wrap ourselves up in a warm and cozy fall coat. Why not get creative and try a new style this year? Our fashion stylist Mimmi Stucki introduces you to 5 types of coats trending this Season. 1. The quilted ...

New work of Sarah & Julia for Dosenbach

27. September 2021

Campaign: Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Sarah & Julia

New work from Juliette

20. September 2021

Photographer: Hair and makeup: Juliette Styling: Model: Steph Silance ...

Neue Arbeit von Laura!!

16. September 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Laura Model: Zasu ...

New work of Jesca

13. September 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Jesca Model: Tara