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New work of Julia and Letizia for KURZ

29. July 2021

Client: Photographer: Makeup & Styling: Julia Hair: Letizia Model: Jasime ...

New work of Letizia

15. July 2021

Photographer: Hair, Makeup & Styling: Letizia Model: Christine ...

New work of Juliette for Labisk.Ot

12. July 2021

Shoot for Photographer: Diane Hair & makeup: Juliette Model: Luana, Gwendoline and Samantha.  ...

New work of Fabienne

08. July 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Fabienne Model: Nina ...

New work of Sarah for C&A

05. July 2021

Client: Model: Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Sarah Styling: Martina Loepfe...

New work of Jesca

01. July 2021

Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Jesca Model: Ida ...

The perfect beach wear

28. June 2021

Are you looking for that perfect outfit to wear for your next trip to the beach or the public pool? You can never go wrong with a flowy white dress combined with some stylish straw accessories, which are both trending this season. Our fashion stylist Mimmi has put together a lovely look that will ma...

New work of Fabienne for HEIQ

24. June 2021

Client: Production: Photographer: Hair & Makeup: Fabienne

New work of Jelena for Studio Park

21. June 2021

Client: Photographer: Federico D'Amico Production: Anna & Leon Hair & Makeup: Jelena Styling: Sam Zanati & Jackie ...

Neue Arbeit von Sarah

17. June 2021

Brandingshooting: Fotografin: Livia Bass Hair & Makeup: Sarah ...